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​When I met Dr. Craig a little less than one year ago I was having migraine headaches almost daily. He finally convinced me that being treated and having adjustments would help me. Since I have been getting adjustments I have had only ONE headache. I love waking everyday and not worrying when my headache will hit me; it is a new world for me. My life has changed dramatically & quite honestly I owe this to Dr. Craig. For this I am forever grateful!

- Carmillisee F.

Doc April is hands down the best.  She truly truly cares about her patient’s health concerns and is very personable and friendly.  I absolutely recommend her to everyone. – Rachel M.

I started seeing Dr. April because I was having back spasms.  No matter what I did the spasms were so bad I couldn’t move at all without my back spasming.  Dr. April did a very thorough initial consultation.  She did x-rays and looked at my back.  She asked a lot of questions about how I got to that point and then came up with a plan to help my back.  I started going three times a week and at first I was losing hope; it didn’t seem to be getting better.  But then all of a sudden I noticed one day that the spasms had lessened.  And now it’s been months later and I am spasm free.  I started skydiving and doing other things that I never thought I could do because where my back was.  I have Dr. April to thank for getting my life “back” together.  – Eric B.

Dr. April and Dr. Craig are two of the most driven helpful, and kind people and doctors I know.  They truly care about their patients and go to great lengths to do everything they can to help improve the health and lives of others.  Nothing but good things to say, I highly recommend them!! – Rebekah S.

I Love Dr. April!! She is my favorite chiropractor I have ever gone to see.  Such a delight to have her making my adjustments! – Lindsey B.

Dr. April is great!  You will not only get a great adjustment, but she will listen and really hear what you say to her.  You won’t be just a patient, you will be family! – Ellen B.

Dr. April is wonderful!  She helped me so much with my back problems.  My back no longer hurts after going to her.  Dr. April is kind and very knowledgeable.  She truly cares about all her patients.  I truly recommend her! – Caryln A.

Dr. April and Dr. Craig both had the pleasure of being able to help parents and children in Connecticut before moving to the Summerville area.

Many of our patients were eager to share their success stories to help Pentz Family Chiropractic grow and become your Summerville Chiropractor!

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